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File a Claim

Put your loss behind you

This is why you have insurance.

If you've navigated to this page, it likely means you've experienced a loss. And we're sorry to hear that. But you have coverage, so let's put it to work for you - and put your loss behind you as quickly as possible.

To file a claim, please contact your carrier directly at the numbers below and a qualified claims representative will assist you. Also, you may login or signup to manage your account online.


Phone: 800-252-4633 Website: Details: 24 hours

Central Insurance

Phone: 888-263-2924 Website: Details: 24 hours


Phone: 1-800-638-5433 Website:

Liberty Mutual

Phone: 1-800-837-5254


Phone: 866-472-3326 Website: Details: 24 hours

Auto-Owners Insurance

Phone: 704-547-5656 Website: Details: M-F 8:00 - 5:30


Phone: 888-252-2799 Website: Details: 24 hours


Phone: 866-274-8765 Website:


Phone: 1-855-758-0943 Website:


Phone: 800-252-4670 Website: Details: 24 hours

The Hartford

Phone: 800-243-5860 Website: Details: 24 hours


Phone: 800-527-3905 Website:

PURE Insurance

Phone: 888-814-7873 Website: Details: Specializing in high-value homeowners insurance

Hull & Company

Phone: 800-241-4855 Website:

Burns & Wilcox

Phone: 704-525-1152 Website:

American Modern

Phone: 800-245-1505 Website: Details: 24 Hour Claims


Phone: 855-620-9978 Website:


Phone: 888-544-4885 Website:

Universal North America

Phone: 866-999-0898 Website:

Universal P&C

Phone: 800-425-9113 Website: