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Why Tate

Why Tate

See what separates us & what we offer

We're proud of the company we keep.

There are many great companies in the insurance business, and we work with many of them. Because we're an independent insurance agency, we have professional relationships with a variety of the nation's top carriers, not just one. This allows us to customize a plan to meet your unique insurance needs and offer you the most competitive pricing possible.

For more information about our insurance carriers, please click on the company logo below.


Travelers: 1 Phone: 800-252-4633 Website:

Central Insurance

Central Insurance: 2 Phone: 888-263-2924 Website:


MetLife: 3 Phone: 1-800-638-5433 Website:

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual: 4 Phone: 1-800-837-5254 Website:


SafeCo: 5 Phone: 866-472-3326 Website:

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance: 6 Phone: 704-547-5656 Website:


Kemper: 7 Phone: 888-252-2799 Website:


ASI: 8 Phone: 866-274-8765 Website:


Progressive: 9 Phone: 1-855-758-0943 Website:


Chubb: 10 Phone: 800-252-4670 Website:

The Hartford

The Hartford: 11 Phone: 800-243-5860 Website:


Foremost: 12 Phone: 800-527-3905 Website:

PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance: 13 Phone: 888-814-7873 Website:

Hull & Company

Hull & Company: 14 Phone: 800-241-4855 Website:

Burns & Wilcox

Burns & Wilcox: 15 Phone: 704-525-1152 Website:

American Modern

American Modern: 16 Phone: 800-245-1505 Website:


Heritage: 17 Phone: 855-620-9978 Website:


Lighthouse: 18 Phone: 888-544-4885 Website:

Universal North America

Universal North America: 19 Phone: 866-999-0898 Website:

Universal P&C

Universal P&C: 20 Phone: 800-425-9113 Website: